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Berlin - The inventor and promotor of the Berlin book fair invites the english speaking colleagues to participate:

"Invitation to Berlin Bücherlust 2024

Antiquariat Neumann presents a new international Fair- Concept for antiquarian Books and Graphics and invites You to participate: The „Bücherlust“ in Berlin. You find it on the internet www.bü . The Pilot ran September 2022 and was an unexpected success with 50 Exhibitors right from the start. Than follows September 2023, this Years second edition of the Experiment. Here we try to give new impulses to our Booklife and the trade. Not in a Lab, but for real. Now follows  14th and 15th September 2024 the third edition.

The somewhat different international fair of Antiquarian Books and Graphics in Berlin proudly presents:

Christian Thanhäuser, the international well known Artist, Graphic Designer and Publisher.

He will  open this years event with an exhibition of his Journey-scetchbooks, his woodcuts and his Edition Thanhäuser. ( There will be a Vernisage/ Preview Fridays Night after set up.

Free International Joint Stand Progam

In memory of Nevine Marchiset and Detlef Thursch

We offer two free joint stands to four international (i.e. not German) exhibitors at Karlshorst Berlin Bücherlust. That means two tables and one display case per joint stand. Application and booking required. If the number of applicants exceeds four, there will be a lottery by the end of Application on August 10th, 2024. The legal process is excluded.

To promote Young fellow antiquarians, we install a new Progam to encourage them building up an own professional network and experience. We try to make it easy to enter the community of the trade by giving a free shot to exhibit in public.

Free Joint Stand Progam for 4 Young Colleagues up to the age of 40 Years

They will share a large showcase and get a single table each for free. Application and booking required. If the number of applicants exceeds four, there will be a lottery by the end of Application on July 10th, 2024 as well.

The standart exhibitor’s outfit to participate in the fair, beside Your stand number and Companies Name, is a uniform plated table (160 by 80 cm) with a chair and a wastebin. You get a bag of seals and wrapping papers together with some information material and paperbags for your customers. There is free parking at the location included. You can enlarge your stand by multiplying the basic units at Bücherlust. One of our principles is: Bring your own book shelves and display facilities for 'flat stuff'. This basic stand is 200 EUR plus 19% Tax. You can additionally enlarge Your space with showcases. We charge the common prices for fair equipement to rent. 300 EUR plus 19% Tax. Showcases: Standvitrine Typ A: ca. H 200 x B 100 x T 50 cm, 3 Glass-Compartements plus a big cupboard on the bottom, Lighting above. Each meter of extension of a stand is charged a 100 EUR plus 19% Tax.

Feel free to contact

All the Best

Christoph Neumann

Antiquariat Christoph Neumann

Duisburger Straße 18

10707 Berlin


Mobil +49 178 540 90 18

Telefon +49 (0)30 / 22 19 38 82 ..."

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