Die Liebe zu den Büchern eint sie

London - Der britische Kollege Daniel Crouch hat sechs weitere Kollegen davon überzeugt einen hochkarätigen, virtuellen Gemeinschaftskatalog im Netz zu veröffentlichen. Unter dem Motto der ILAB werden Spitzenstücke in einer ihnen angemessenen Art und Weise präsentiert, die fast an eine "echte" Ausstellung erinnert. Vielleicht sind diese virtuellen "Messen" die Lösung, wenn Pandemien die realen Treffen verhindern.

"We are delighted to invite you to view amorlibrorumnosunit.com - a collaborative selling exhibition of 35 books from 7 book dealers, from 5 countries.

Best viewed on a large screen.
Bibliophilia in the time of Covid!
Wishing you all happiness and health.
With warmest regards,

Daniel Crouch Rare Books"

Und der Turiner Kollege Umberto Pregliasco schreibt:

“An insatiable passion possesses me, which even today I cannot and would not stop I never grow tired of books. Perhaps I have more than necessary… 
as they give us so many benefits, they don't need any food or drink and they are satisfied with cast-off clothing and a place to lay their head”.
(Francesco Petrarca, 14th century)

Dear friends, old and new collectors, I hope you will spend some of your time "watching" this new catalogue. 

“When a writer dies, he embodies the books he has written” Borges declared; paraphrasing this significant quotation, we could say that a rare-book dealer relives through the catalogues he has published. The collection of his own catalogues is the bookseller's true spiritual last will, the story of his life and of how he was able “to sell his own soul”, transmitting in every sale his knowledge and passion to the bibliophile. Once I bought, studied and published the description of a special book, that very copy,  in that binding, with its notes of ownership, its  worms holes   and water staining,  it still remains a little bit mine, in spite of the new collector who will enjoy it in the future”.

Umberto Pregliasco

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